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Handmade Lace

This is a custom style of hand-beaded lace, using different materials to sew a variety of different lace styles.
We can customize any style in different sizes, and usually produce it in the style that the customer needs.

Each product has a set minimum order quantity and delivery date, which is arranged after communication and confirmation.

If you need, please contact us. Thank you!
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Product description

1   The size of these styles is about 3~6CM.(The exact size will be informed in the inquiry)

Material: polyester + beads / pearls

3  Some colors are currently in stock, you can order the colors and sizes available in stock.

    You can customize the colors and different sizes you need. MOQ 500~1000 yards/one color.

Pearl Trim

These are pearl trims in different sizes and can be ordered to suit your needs.
Usually used on the collar, cufflinks and hem of the garment. They can also be used for headpieces.
Pearl size: 3MM,4MM,5MM,6MM,8MM 10MM
Material: plastic + nylon lace

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    Factory Display

    Each of our handmade products are made to order according to the needs of our customers. After material selection, manual production, inspection and packaging. Such a series of work before sending to customers.

    There is a distinction between high quality and normal quality handmade lace, and between environmentally friendly and normal materials. The specific price is priced according to the requirements of each customer.

    Each product needs to be confirmed by samples before production to ensure that the correct goods are produced.

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    Other styles

    Handmade flower styles and hanging bead lace.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We have our own production workers, so we can better control quality and price costs, as well as produce goods to the standard of the products our customers need.
    When there is no same style, we can provide more similar choices for customers' reference.
    Sample development: We can develop samples according to customer's original version, and can customize the design style that customer needs.
    Production date: We will follow the production volume of each product and customer requirements to be able to better control the shipping cycle.
    All products will be checked and packed before shipment.
    Material: environmental protection / ordinary
    We can customize the material according to customers' needs.

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